Three siblings namely Charles Byron Capen Rodriguez, Carmen Marion Rodriguez Colona and Joaquin Manuel Capen Rodriguez initiated the various projects gathering historical information about their ancestors. This information will appear in various mediums such as:

  1. This website
  2. The online family tree
  3. The previously printed book “Manila Odyssey” with ISBN 0959049606
  4. The recent books titled “The Story of a Global Family” with ISBN 978-0-9808470-0-0 and “Our Second Soul” with ISBN No. 978-0-9808474-2-4
  5. A version of “A Second Soul” with ISBN 978-0-9808470-4-8 and an updated edition of “Manila Odyssey – 2013” with ISBN 978-0-9808470-3-1

The sponsorship of this website and the new book project is a gift by Guy to his sister Carmen and his brother Jack, both of whom Guy admires and loves very much as well as to all past, present and future Rodriguez-Capen family members. We encourage our families who currently live around the world to post here all and any form of information, articles, photographs, historical correspondence, notes, letters, recommendations, official documents and others that would assist in updating the family history.   The mechanism of this website allows the members of Rodriguez – Capen family and relatives to advise  the family of any available information through the feedback facility .

What can you find here and how to look?

About section – You are just viewing it. – Improvement suggestions are welcomed and will be considered

Finished Book – this is the online version of the book printed in 1982 and you are welcome to read it. The new book is more comprehensive and discusses a broader section of the family.

Family Tree – the original ancestry of the Rodriguez – Capen families which goes back in some instances to the 15th century. We would appreciate any additions, corrections and information that will improve this tree.



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This site was published in November 2004 and updated in 2010, 2012, and in 2013.

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